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Texas extension agent launches Milk Minute Dairy Podcast

A Texas A&M AgriLife Extension county agent has taken to the airwaves to educate both consumers and dairy farmers about the Texas dairy industry. John Villalba, an agent in Bailey County, launched the monthly Milk Minute Dairy Podcast in February as the agency looked for new, technology based educational outlets. The podcast allows Villalba to educate both local and national audiences about dairy.

“I knew I wanted to offer some sort of education related to the dairy industry, since our regional economy depends very heavily on it,” Villalba said. “However, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted it to be for dairy owners or the general public, so I do it for both. The mixture of topics and guests makes the podcast interesting each time and allows information to be shared across different audiences.”

As the podcast grows, he hopes to add more guests from other parts of the United States and continue to develop episodes that are rich in content, whether that is based on personal dairy stories related to legacies or to the most up to date topics of interest to dairy owners and operators.

“My number one goal for this podcast is to provide the most diverse amount of information I can in each episode,” Villalba said. “I strongly believe that as with all ag industries, the best way to advocate for dairy is to get the story out. Consumer decisions, product appeal and buyer’s perceptions are all based on information. That information, whether it comes from friends, neighbors or even opponents, dictates how people consume products. I want to advocate using dairy industry people to help tell their story so that purchasing healthy, safe products from dairies is on the public’s mind.”

Click here to find the Milk Minute Dairy Podcast and how to listen.

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